Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tansu KUCUKONCU 's Short Biography



( Tansu KÜÇÜKÖNCÜ ( in Turkish alphabet ) )

BSc :
METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

4th Year Area Option : Computer

Extra courses taken : Biomedical Engineering

Graduation Project : Application Software Development By Using Object Oriented Programming Paradigm And Tools

Extra MSc courses taken : Computer Networks , and Parallel Computer Architectures

Extra MSc courses attended in the Computer Engineering Department : Database courses

Workshop attended in METU : Georgraphical Information Systems

MSc : METU Philosophy Department and METU Computer Engineering Department

MSc courses taken in the Computer Engineering Department : All the courses on Image Processing , Pattern Recognition , Computer Vision , Neural Networks , Artificial Intelligence , Computational Linguistics

MSc course taken in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department : Mathematical Basics of Computer Graphics

He has overcompleted MSc course load in Computer Engineering Department.

MSc courses taken in the Philosophy Department : courses on Phiolosophy of Science , Philosophy of Technology , Philosophy of Language , Logic , Epistemology

He has concentrated on Cognitive Science.

He has written a MSc thesis on Fuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning.

Most of the courses he had taken from the Computer Engineering Department and Philosophy Department
were included as core courses in the Cognitive Science graduate program of Informatics Institute which has been established later on.

PhD : Ankara University Statistics Department

PhD courses taken : courses on Statistics Theory , Probability Theory , Stochastic Processes , Advanced Statistical Analysis , Multivariate Statistical Analysis , Time Series Analysis

Some of the courses on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition taken from METU Computer Engineering Departmant during MSc were transferred to PhD course load.

He has written a PhD Thesis on spatial statistical modelling of Random Set images by using Mathematical Morphology methods, Random Neural Networks, and Monte Carlo estimation methods.

He has developed a software package by using C++ to perform all of the image analysis and statistical analysis operations, and all of the other analyses and calculations.

He has concentrated on and improved his expertise on Spatial Statistics , Stochastic Processes , Simulation , Statistical Modelling , Image Processing , Pattern Recognition , and Neural Networks which are interdisciplinary subjects in the intersection of Statistis with Engineering , and Cognitive Science.

Professional Specialties :
Design , Analysis , and Statistical Modelling of :
Computer Systems , IT Systems , Automation Systems , and Vision Systems.

Memberships : IEEE , SPIE , and EMO

Language : English ( advanced ) , French ( beginner level ) , Turkish ( native )


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